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The aftermath of a serious injury is a stressful time. Making the right legal choice isn't easy in a world of advertisements, television, and billboards. How do you find the best fit for you? We make it our mission to protect those who have been seriously injured. We'll fight the legal battle while you recover.

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Attorney David D. Kervin

Attorney David Kervin has been helping victims of personal injury for more than a decade. Succeeding as a personal injury lawyer requires a balance of aggressive dedication and sensitivity to the difficult challenges that each client faces. David recognizes the need for passionate and caring personal injury lawyers in Louisiana.

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$1.7 MILLION Class Action Settlement
$1.1 MILLION Class Action Settlement
$325,000 Nursing Home Negligence

I was in an accident while visiting New orleans. Because of my injuries I needed to hire an attorney. However, since this was a finder bender the huge law firms would not represent me but luckily I found David Kervin. He took my case when no one else would. David guided me through the entire process. I recieved treatment for my back injury, I got my vehicle fixed at no cost to me, and I even recieved a lump sum of well over 10,000 dollars. What more could I ask for. I definitely recommend David Kervin Jr. to anyone in need of representation.

Thanks again, David!
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