Practice Areas

Practice Areas

The Law Office of David D. Kervin, Jr. LLC was formed to bring compassionate and effective personal injury representation to the residents of New Orleans and beyond.

Personal Injury

We are dedicated to fighting for the maximum compensation possible to help our clients cover medical expenses, lost income, continued care, and for the pain and suffering brought about by another’s negligence. We help with all claims including work injuries and industrial negligence,car accident injuries, motorcycle crash injuries, injuries suffered in accidents involving commercial vehicles or 18-wheelers, medical malpractice, dangerous or defective product injuries including Ford rollovers, defective drugs, lead poisoning and injuries caused by defective work machinery. We also help families who have lost a loved one in wrongful deathactions. Contact our office to speak with an experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney regarding your claim. Learn More

Environmental, Occupational & Toxic Torts

An individual who has been harmed or has contracted a disease because of industrial or environmental negligence has the legal right to file a lawsuit against those responsible for their situation. Cases involving exposure to asbestos or other dangerous substances are called toxic torts, while those cases involving exposure to contaminated environmental media are referred to as environmental torts. If the suit alleges that such an incident – toxic or environmental – occurred in the workplace, the lawsuit is termed an occupational tort and usually involves litigation against third parties such as equipment or chemical manufacturers or commercial property owners. No matter what kind of toxic, environmental, or occupational tort you may be confronting, retaining the counsel of an experienced torts attorney gives you a fighting chance when it comes to taking on big corporations and their insurance companies in court. Contact the Law Office of David D. Kervin, Jr. LLC to speak to a toxic, environmental, and occupational torts lawyer who has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of victims of industrial or environmental negligence in the State of Louisiana. Learn More

Business Disputes

The best way to avoid business disputes is to have a properly executed agreement. However, even under the best circumstances, operating a business can find you facing a complex legal challenge. These matters can often be resolved outside of the courtroom through mediation, arbitration and negotiation. The help of a knowledgeable business law attorney is invaluable in these situations to ensure that your interests are protected. If no agreement can be reached and litigation is necessary, an experienced business attorney is essential. Business law covers a wide range of disputes. We can help in disputes between businesses or between a business and an individual. Contact our office for help in breach of contract, business fraud, corporate disputes, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, or in any circumstance where you might find your business threatened by any type of legal problem.

Business Torts

When businesses exhibit “bad behavior” and are intentionally negligent in a way that results in injury to a person, their property or reputation, it may be necessary to file a civil suit for just compensation. If you feel that you have been harmed by commercial or corporate negligence or that your business has been harmed, contact us right away.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Being in serious debt with no end in sight is distressing and can leave you feeling as if there is no way out. Fortunately, bankruptcy law allows debtors to clear outstanding debts and relieve themselves of a huge financial burden. Our New Orleans Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers can help you review your options and guide you through the process of successfully filing for bankruptcy.

Debt Negotiation

If you are struggling to make important payments on your mortgage loans, auto loans, and personal debts, you may not realize that there are options for negotiating your debts and easing the pressures of repaying your creditors. In many cases, creditors would prefer to negotiate alternate payment plans rather than pursue foreclosure, repossession, or credit charge-offs. Our experienced debt negotiation lawyers can help explain your debt negotiation options, analyze your financial situation, help you deal with creditors and assist with debt negotiation.


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