If you are like our office, Thanksgiving is a time for getting together with family. We are always grateful that we have family and the ability to have a traditional New Orleans Thanksgiving. But I know that not everyone has either the means or the family nearby. Luckily, there are several events that are a New Orleans tradition at Thanksgiving. These are perfect as celebrations that include everyone, even those who are on their own.

Sherriff’s Thanksgiving Dinner Celebration

Nothing says New Orleans Thanksgiving quite like this celebration, now in its 40th year. Once again the festivities begin at 10 A.M. and will last all the way until dinner and music ends at 1 P.M. This year we will be serenaded by two Grammy Award winning artists: Irma Thomas and Irvin Mayfield, along with several local artists. Of course, the food is what this celebration is all about and you can bet it will be mouth-watering and plentiful. If community is what you want to celebrate this Thanksgiving, why not do it by being a part of a New Orleans Thanksgiving tradition.

The Classic Thanksgiving Parade

Who doesn’t love a parade? This icon of turkey day starts at the Superdome and winds its way to the French Market for the perfect ending to the day. You will see marching bands for both of the rival teams that will be playing at the Bayou Classic Championship game later and have plenty of excuse to yell your head off in the process. Great for working off all that turkey you had earlier at the Sheriff’s amazing banquet.

Wishing You a Wonderful New Orleans Thanksgiving

So from our family to yours – we wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope it is filled with the laughter of family and the joy of community. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.