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Personal Injury Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

We realize there is no “one size fits all” approach in an injury situation. That’s why we’ve provided answers to a few frequently asked questions below to help you understand personal injury law and the process.

At the Law Office of David D. Kervin, Jr. LLC, we take the time to listen and understand each detail of each particular case and help you clearly understand your options. Schedule a free consultation today to talk with us about your unique circumstances.

If you have been in an car accident or other vehicle crash, visit our auto accident page for more information on what to do directly after an accident. In any kind of injury accident, the first thing to do is seek medical attention. Even if your injury seems mild, it could worsen over time. Call a personal injury lawyer right away. We will begin working to collect evidence, witnesses and other information that is vital to the future of your case.

We handle all cases of injury that are a result of negligence. That means that if you or a loved one were hurt or got sick and it was someone else’s fault, we can help. Our experience ranges from auto accident, motorcycle accident or wrecks involving commercial vehicles (semis or 18-wheelers) to medical malpractice cases, defective or dangerous drug injuries, offshore accidents or large class action suits involving occupational exposure to chemicals and toxic torts. If an injury has resulted in the death of someone you love and depend on, we can help you in filing a wrongful death claim.

First of all, contact us immediately for a better understanding of who will pay and how to approach your treatment process for the best results, both in your physical recovery and in your case going forward. If the other party involved is insured, their insurance company will be responsible for your medical expenses. Your own insurance is also an option.

Generally, an insurance company will work to settle a case for the lowest amount possible. It’s a business and making money is the bottom line. Talk to a qualified Louisiana personal injury law firm regarding your case and the proposed settlement. Our experience will help you to understand the factors of your case, who may be liable, what you might expect in the future from your injuries, and what you are entitled to. Our job is to protect you; that’s our bottom line.

No, that is why it’s important to work with a skilled injury attorney. We will thoroughly approach your recovery and medical process to ensure that you are fully recovered or have the long term care needed to do so.

The most important thing following a serious accident is getting the medical treatment you need. We will help you get proper medical attention and track your progress carefully. Your duty is to do everything you can to recover. This is known as mitigating your damages. This treatment shouldn’t be rushed. Once you reach the point of maximum medical improvement (MMI), a settlement can be proposed. An agreement could be reached a short time after the settlement is proposed, especially if your injuries and the impact on your life are carefully illustrated and realistic. If no agreement can be reached, we will prepare thoroughly for trial. This time frame depends on a number of factors. Contact our office to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer and determine what you might expect in your particular situation.

Show it to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney immediately. These matters have strict time restrictions and need to be handled without hesitation. Our job is to make sure that those deadlines are met. Missing these deadlines can be harmful to your case.