One of the changes we will be seeing in the upcoming year has do with new Louisiana licensing laws and how they will be affecting several industries. Among the faster growing industries in Louisiana is the sales and installation of solar energy equipment. It should come as no surprise to anyone in the construction trade that with this growth in the installation of these new green additions to buildings, the state wants to keep a tighter rein on just who is being allowed to obtain a license. To help control the proliferation of companies and ensure consumers that only qualified contractors can be licensed to sell, lease or install solar energy equipment, new licensing regulations will be going into effect beginning in 2015.

Louisiana Small Business Licensing

With so many small businesses getting into the solar energy business it is no surprise to see that the state has decided the time has come to introduce some regulations. For any small business that is considering entering this growing industry, getting properly licensed and following all the regulations regarding the solar energy business is highly recommended.

Louisiana licensing laws require many small business owners to obtain licensing and even in some circumstances surety bonds as part of the cost of doing business. It is important for small construction contractors who have begun to offer solar energy installation as part of their business to understand that this new licensing requirement could affect their business if they fail to comply.

Louisiana Licensing Laws and Compliance

While it is understandable that many small businesses that have in the past been involved in some way with solar energy installation may feel that suddenly being required to have a license is something they can ignore, we urge you to reconsider. Injuries on the job, lawsuits from unhappy customers and new regulations that make installation difficult can ruin a contractor’s reputation with just one problem. Don’t get caught without the proper licensing if your business is now in or is considering getting into the business of selling, leasing or installing solar energy equipment in Louisiana. Not sure if your occupation requires additional legal structure such as licenses or contracts? Contact the Law Offices of David D. Kervin today find out the full extent of what your business needs to stay legal in the coming year.