The latest news on probably the most important New Orleans personal injury claims cases the past few years is of course concerning BP Oil. News last week in the settlement case found it to be virtually without error. Even with this decision it looked like BP Oil might have another card up their sleeve with their petition to review the settlement cases one again. That request was denied this week by the Supreme Court. Could BP Oil finally be out of moves?

A Case of Proving Harm

At the heart of the current petition is the decision that harm must not be proven for the settlement case to move forward. This has always been at the center of the dispute and yet the settlement terms were agreed upon prior to this case. With the latest hearing at the Supreme Court level in support of the lower court’s decision, it looks like this part of the outlining agreement that includes many New Orleans personal injury claims will move forward.

Time to Move On

For many this was the final wall to hurdle that might have been preventing finalizing the settlement with BP Oil. The company’s contention that settlement on these grounds would discourage future companies from making large early settlements in future New Orleans personal injury claims was not even given a nod. As David Logan, law professor with Roger Williams University has said, “The basis for the position they have taken for a couple of years now is no longer a valid position legally. It’s time for them to move on.” Logan, a long time expert on these types of cases does not think BP will continue to push for any further challenges.

New Orleans Personal Injury Claims Move Forward

If this is indeed true, and BP Oil is finally ready to end their constant challenges, businesses in New Orleans may heave a sigh of relief. Although it is true that the New Orleans personal injury claims along with business damage claims have risen in amount since the beginning – an end may be near. With this final judgment the language of the settlement has become binding, including the decision by BP Oil lawyers to waive the company’s right to demand proof of harm. It remains to be seen if accounting guidelines will prove the next stumbling block or not.

New Orleans Personal Injury Claims Representation

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