Personal Injury Attorney in New Orleans, LA

An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney for Accident Victims in the State of Louisiana

If you have been seriously injured in an accident, you need to act right away to protect your rights. As difficult as it can be to focus on the legal aspects of your situation following an injury, taking action is critical if you expect to recover the maximum amount of compensation available to you under Louisiana law. Make no mistake, having an aggressive Louisiana personal injury lawyer on your side when filing an insurance claim or pursuing a lawsuit related to an accident will dramatically increase the likelihood of you achieving a favorable outcome. We know what we’re talking about. At The Law Office of David D. Kervin, Jr. LLC, we have successfully recovered over $9,000,000 for our Louisiana clients. We know from experience that the sooner you talk with a dedicated Louisiana personal injury attorney to assist you with your case, the harder it is for claims examiners and other parties to act in bad faith and keep you from getting the compensation you deserve after an accident. Louisiana insurance companies know we mean business. In fact, our proven reputation for aggressive action often means that claims examiners will offer a fair settlement early in the negotiations process rather than letting a matter proceed to the trial phase.

All Injuries Due to Negligence or Wrongdoing

At the Law Office of David D. Kervin, Jr. LLC, we offer exceptional representation for injured Louisiana residents in cases such as offshore accidents, product liability matters including injuries related to defective drugs, farm or agricultural equipment, or vehicle rollovers, work accidents & industrial negligence (not including workers’ compensation insurance claims),medical malpractice cases, mass torts (including environmental torts) and class action lawsuits,wrongful death actions, and vehicle accidents including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents.

Your Ally Against Big Insurance and Corporate Negligence

Many times an injury lawsuit will find you up against a corporation experienced in discouraging you from fighting for what you deserve. We level the playing field. Our experience working with insurance companies gives you an edge in understanding what to expect and how to proceed. Claims such as medical malpractice or when you have been injured by a dangerous or defective product may involve battling a team of lawyers. Working with an experienced personal injury lawyer is critical. Our reputation speaks for itself. We are dedicated to bringing those who are liable to justice.

Get Help with Your Personal Injury Claim Today

Having a legitimate claim accepted by an insurance company or taking on a corporation in court can be complicated, time-consuming endeavors. You don’t have to face a legal issue alone. Call our office to get help with protecting your rights and safeguarding your interests following a severe accident. If you weren’t responsible for an accident in which you were involved, you shouldn’t be held accountable for the cost of medical bills, lost income, and other expenses resulting from it. Contact a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer today. All of our work in injury claims is done on a contingency basis. You pay no fees unless we are successful in recovering compensation for you. We look forward to meeting you and helping you get started on your case.

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